SOA will pay the cost of having your vehicle towed to the nearest Authorized SUBARU Dealer if it cannot be driven due to a defect covered by these warranties.

Emergency Repairs

In case of an emergency in which there are no Authorized SUBARU Dealers open for business within a distance of 75 miles, minor repairs needed to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle may be made at any available service facility. SOA will reimburse you up to a maximum amount of $500.00 for any such emergency repairs that are eligible for coverage under this warranty. However, SOA is not obligated to reimburse you at a cost for warranted parts replaced which is higher than SOA's suggested retail price or for labor charges which are higher than SOA's recommended time allowance for the repair multiplied by a labor rate per hour appropriate for your location. To make a claim for reimbursement, you must present all replaced parts, your copy of the paid receipt and a written description of the emergency situation to any Authorized SUBARU Dealer within 15 days of the emergency repair. Once verified, the dealer will submit your claim for processing and you will receive reimbursement for all approved claims directly from SOA within 60 days. SOA reserves the right to have all emergency repairs inspected when a claim is made and assumes no liability for the workmanship of the repair facility or for any non-genuine SUBARU parts or accessories used in the repair.