Muscatell Subaru Buyback Program

Find Great Deals with the Subaru Manufacturer Buyback Program

Sometimes, a new vehicle purchase doesn't always work out. There might be a minor defect that bothers the driver, or it might be fixable, but leaves the driver with a sour taste on their purchase. That's why the Subaru Manufacturer Buyback program exists. This program allows the dealerships to buy back Subaru vehicles and offer them exclusively to Subaru dealerships like ours here in Moorhead. Check out the benefits you can enjoy from this program down below!

What is the Subaru Manufacturer Buyback Program?

This program allows Subaru of America to buy vehicles back from customers who have had problems with a new car, due to reasons such as being required by state law due to a recurring problem. After these problems are corrected, Subaru offers these vehicles for sale to dealerships like Muscatell Subaru.

Why Does Muscatell Subaru Sell These Vehicles?

They are a great deal for both our dealership and you! We pay typically $5,000 less than a brand new car, and we pass the savings on to you!

What Issues Cause the Vehicles to Be Returned?

Issues are often minor or not even problems at all. Some drivers might not like the characteristics of that particular model. Regardless of the reason, we will tell you why each car was bought back.

How Does Muscatell Subaru Confirm the Vehicles are Repaired?

We do a thorough look into each vehicle's service to understand the work performed. Our service technicians will also inspect the vehicles to confirm that they are repaired. We will also test drive the vehicle to make sure they perform smoothly.

Will the Buyback Show Up on Carfax, AutoCheck, or Another Vehicle History Report?

Yes, all of these will track the buyback!

Will I Get the Same Warranty Coverage as a Regular Subaru?

Yes! You get all the same warranties that apply to a Subaru that has not been repurchased.

If you would like to learn more about the Subaru Manufacturer Buyback program, give us a call! We are happy to walk you through our options and find a solution that works best for you!

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