Rust Perforation Limited Warranty

RUST PERFORATION COVERAGE for all models is 5 years, regardless of mileage. Subject to the exclusions listed in this warranty, defective original body sheet metal panels that are rusted completely through from the inside out (perforated by corrosion) will be repaired or, at the option of SOA or your Authorized SUBARU Dealer, replaced without charge to you for labor and materials. The following items are not covered: (1) rusting of the outside of the underbody (floor pan) or any other part of the vehicle except body panels; (2) rust resulting from alteration of any body panels; (3) rust as a result of damage to paint caused by normal road hazards such as stones or other debris; (4) body panel rust caused by abuse, lack of maintenance, or damage to the vehicle; (5) rust caused by sand, mud, salt, submergence of a body panel in water, exposure to industrial fallout, chemical fallout, tree sap, hail, or other causes beyond the control of SOA; (6) replacement body sheet metal panels and (7) other items listed under "What is Not Covered" (later in this section).

Rust Perforation Coverage applies to perforation due to corrosion only. Perforation is a rust-through condition, such as an actual hole in a sheet metal panel. Cosmetic or surface corrosion, such as that caused by stone chips or scratches in the paint, is not covered under this warranty. In addition, SOA or your Authorized SUBARU Dealer reserves the right to decide whether painting the repaired or replaced panel to match the original finish is feasible. SOA will not, under any circumstances, pay for painting the entire vehicle solely to match paint color.

Since your vehicle was designed and built to resist corrosion, use of additional rust-inhibiting materials is not necessary and not a requirement for coverage under this warranty. Whether to obtain such additional protection is your decision.