Repairs at no Charge

Defective parts will be repaired, or at the option of SOA or your Authorized SUBARU Dealer, replaced with a new or remanufactured parts without charge to you for labor and materials.

Obtaining Repairs

Warranty claims must be made as soon as reasonably possible after a defect is discovered, but before the end of warranty coverage on the particular part. It is recommended that warranty repairs be performed by the Authorized SUBARU Dealer who sold you the vehicle, although warranty service will be performed by any Authorized SUBARU Dealer anywhere in the United States. When a warranty repair is needed, your vehicle must be brought to an Authorized SUBARU Dealer's place of business during normal business hours. A reasonable time must be allowed for the dealership to perform necessary repairs. Within the New Vehicle Limited Warranty period, if any part needed to make repairs is temporarily unavailable anywhere in the United States, you may be eligible, under the terms of the SUBARU Owner Assistance Alternate Transportation Program, for a substitute vehicle during the time your vehicle is out of service for warranty repairs. See your Authorized SUBARU Dealer for additional details.